India's Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance & Research Initiative


Access to appropriate diagnosis, sustained interventions and treatment remains a top priority to reduce the burden of AMR nationally. AMR rapid diagnostics have the potential to equip healthcare professionals to understand the type of infection affecting patient, analyse its scale and provide appropriate treatment in a timely manner. However, such reliable and validated diagnostics to detect drug resistance are lacking in Indian healthcare system. Few rapid diagnostic tests are available both in India & globally, developed by public/govt. and private innovators. But none of these can be recommended for use as they have not been evaluated through any system. A coordinating unit on AMR diagnostics is being established to facilitate the validation of AMR diagnostics and to suggest suitable test for different levels of healthcare.


  • Understanding of available diagnostics for antimicrobial susceptibility testing in the country,
  • Stimulating the access of suitable rapid diagnostic tools at all levels of healthcare with an emphasis on point of care

ICMR’s initiative on AMR diagnostics

ICMR and FIND collaboration on AMR Diagnostics Use Accelerator

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