India's Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance & Research Initiative

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Welcome To Antimicrobial Research And Surveillance Initiative Of ICMR

Initiated by the ICMR in 2013, AMRSN delivers the accurate estimation of drug resistant infections and patterns of AMR among/in pathogens of human importance/concern across Indian hospitals.
The promising leads and evidence of AMR brought forth by AMRSN is being used to devise and update the treatment guidelines with the help of generated/collected data.
To strengthen the understanding of AMR at multiple levels, ICMR through its AMR surveillance network and various other collaborative research programmes, is helping to decode the ever-evolving mechanisms of resistance and other targets which could guide the development of new diagnostics, potential drug candidate and drug molecules.


    Learn more about the activities of ICMR’s AMR surveillance and research network

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  • AMSP

    This program provides AMSP curriculum and workshops, and implement the AMSP research projects

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  • Diagnostics

    Explore the ICMR’s initiative on the AMR rapid diagnostics

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  • Reports

    Know more about status of AMR and activities undertaken across all network sites from the annual reports of AMRSN

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Our school goals


  • Strengthen and harmonize the routine AST procedures in laboratories and capacity building.
  • Generate evidence of AMR to guide the national treatment guidelines and therapy

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